Anno 1800 To receive 3 more DLCs this year

City building game heads into season 2.

News by Paul Wilson
Published 11th March 2020

City building game Anno 1800 is to get a new set of downloadable content later this year, as the game moves into season 2. 

Season 2 of Anno 1800 starts on March 24th with the release of Seat of Power, this DLC allows you to build a palace that provides you with passive bonuses and houses departments that give you policies that can be used to influence different aspects of life. The palace is a modular building like the zoo and museum allowing to you create a home fit for a king.

Alongside the new DLC another free game update will be released which will allow you to select three separate difficulty tiers for the influence system. Allowing you to choose to earn more or less influence then the default.

A further two DLCs are planned for later in the year, Bright Harvest in summer, which will add tractor modules to farms boosting productivity and lowering the workforce needed. This will also have the knock-on effect of freeing up space on your islands. The final DLC of the year is Land of Lions, this will be thee biggest DLC for Anno 1800. Set in Africa Land of Lions will add a new session and continent, new citizen tiers, buildings, production chains and quests. You will travel to the drylands to join up with Emperor Ketema, as he works to turn his lands green.

The Anno 1800 Season 2 pass is available to pre-order now Epic Games Store, Steam and Uplay, for a price of $24.99 / €24.99 / £20.99.

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