Conglomerate 451 leaves early access

Cyberpunk dungeon crawler has left early access.

News by Paul Wilson
Published 20th February 2020

RuneHeads first-person cyberpunk dungeon crawler Conglomerate 451 has left early access today and is available on Steam for £16.99/$19.99/19.99€. For a limited time, there’s also a 15% launch discount being applied to the game.

Since Conglomerate 451 went in early access, Runeheads has added numerous features and made tweaks and improvements based on feedback from the player base. Additions such as 4 new areas, a story mode, new enemies, new non-playable characters and corporation bosses have been added.

In Conglomerate 451 you have to a assemble a squad of cloned whilst trying to restore order and justice in a city overrun by greedy and corrupt corporations. Rogue like elements in the game can mean the smallest decisions can end in your team’s demise.  To combat this you must equip your agents with neural implants and cybernetic limbs to enhance their abilities. If they die, they then respawn as a fresh clone, losing all the enhancements, whilst injury can also have a lasting effect on your agents.

You can also choose to play through a story or endless games mode. Story Mode places you in a world filled with war with corrupt Corporations. Endless Mode, as the name suggests, see the game creating endless content for you. So crawl away!

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