Legend of Keepers releasing next week

Dungeon management game heads to early access.

News by Paul Wilson
Published 12th March 2020

Ever fancied playing as the bad guys? Well good news! Dungeon management game Legend of Keepers is releasing into early access on Steam next week.

In Legend of Keepers you play as the bad guys, you take up the role as the boss of the “Dungeon Defending Department,” your task to defend your treasures against heroes looking to plunder your loot. In what is described as a reverse dungeon crawler you will have to set traps and select monsters based on the band of heroes’ strengths and weaknesses. Then engage in turn-based combat in defence of your treasure.

The game will launch with a host of special Twitch features, such as viewers voting on the next dungeons difficulty level, casting spells that can help or hinder the streamer as well as appearing in-game as an enemy NPC. 

Key features include:

  • Place traps, launch spells and slay those damn heroes looting your dungeons
  • Fight with your monsters and discover their unique abilities
  • Hire monsters, manage your employees and your stock of traps
  • Deal with employees strikes and other fun events
  • Integrated Twitch Stream Features
Legend of Keepers will be available from 19th March on Steam.

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