New Humankind video focuses on how terrain affects play

Terrain impacts everything from exploration to economy.

News by Paul Wilson
Published 20th February 2020

A new developer diary video for AMPLITUDE Studio's turn-based strategy game Humankind is available and it highlights the important role terrain has in the game.

The video highlights how important it was to make the terrain believable, and it is clear a lot of effort has gone into making the games various territories and continents plausible. A territory's position relative to the pole and equator affects whether you will encounter hillsides, mountains or plains. There are also different biomes to contend with, affecting the different types of vegetation you will encounter and which resources you can gather and yield there.

Terrain also influences the economy and the influence you have in Humankind. If you discover a natural wonder for instance, this will bring you fame and possibly wealth if it's a particularly important landmark. First discoveries will also grant you the opportunity to name landmarks, encouraging you to explore. 

Of course, the terrain also affects this aspect of the game, with one interesting feature highlighted in the video. Moving through valleys will obscure you field of view, so the development team recommend scouting from high ground, which of course also grants combat advantages should you encounter an enemy.

Humandkind is scheduled to release later this year.

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