Outriders videos shows off hostile sci-fi landscapes

New video Outriders gives a look at the frontiers, players will face on Enoch.

News by Paul Wilson
Published 2nd March 2020

A new Outriders video has arrived, giving us a look at the various hostile environments our Outrider will have to travel through when the game arrives later this year.

The video showcases the lush forests, shanty towns, open plains, deserts and abandoned settlements you will have to explore in Outriders, as you search for the source of a mysterious signal.

In Outriders a disaster known as the Anomaly has transformed the once peaceful paradise of Enoch into a planet filled with hyper-evolved wildlife intent on killing. The game combines gun-play with what are being described as “brutal powers” and “a twisted arsenal of weaponry”. 

The game is due to be released in time for this year’s busy Christmas holiday season.

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