Planetfall gets Tyrannosaurus Update

Huge update crafted from player feedback.

News by Paul Wilson
Published 18th February 2020

Age of Wonders: Planetfall has received a huge update, adding new features based on player feedback.

The update looks to perfect and add to the gameplay long time players have experienced while making Planetfall more accessible to newcomers. Here’s a video showcasing what to expect in the update.

The update adds long requested features to the game, such as more range in difficulty settings. New exploration sites have been added to the mid-game phase and these reward players with unit buffs and economic bonuses. The update also sees the return of ‘No Colonizer mode’ which give players the ability to block the building of colonies. This gives Planetfall a much more militaristic experience and means empires are much smaller.

Other notable additions released in the update are:

  • New Game Modes
  • Tutorial and Campaign Improvements
  • Game Balance Updates
  • Fleeing Enemies
  • Streamlined Terrain Interactions and Colony Economy
  • Rebalanced Economy Research
  • Razing Colonies and Sectors Award Resources
  • Racial Starting Bonuses
  • Secret Tech Starting Units
  • Rebalanced Special Operations
  • War Coordination Improvements
  • Improved Interface and Map Readability
  • Strategic AI Improvements

For full details of the update you can read the full details here.

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