You can train monkeys to do your bidding in The Survivalists

Take the stress out of Island life and train monkeys to aide your survival.

News by Paul Wilson
Published 19th February 2020

Team17 has revealed new details on how players will be able to survive in new sandbox survival game, The Survivalists by training monkeys.

The game features “The Mimic System’, so you can train your deserted island’s local monkey population to help with tasks in order to aide your survival. The system allows you to train the tiny primates to build shelters cut down trees and defend you from the island’s wicked orclings. Befriending more of our primate cousins will allow you create monkey chains which allow you to teach them more complex tasks such as crafting tools.

You will be able train monkeys on your island to become one of four classes:

  • Warriors: Can be equipped with swords, axes, and spears, to support survivors as they defend against orcling raids!
  • Archers: See off orclings and keep wildlife at range with bow and arrow-armed monkeys
  • Craftsmen: Train primates to build weapons, and craft tools and building materials
  • Landscapers: Monkeys can be armed with tools to gather resources, chop down trees, mine rocks, and clear foliage

The Survivalists will be released later this year, and sees you having to complete quests, go on adventures across various landscapes, either solo or cooperatively with up to three other players. We're just going ape with excitement until then!

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