Championship Manager Season 03/04 Review

The football season kicks off again, with the second game of the year from the Championship Manager series.

Review by Darren Cartledge
Published 26th November 2003

Championship Manager Season 03/04

  • Developer: Sports Interactive
  • Publisher: Eidos
  • Release Date: 21st November 2003

It may seem a little excessive too release two versions of a game in the same year but none the less the good chaps at Eidos and Sports Interactive have given us a new version of the hugely successful Championship Manager series.

Championship Manager Season 03/04 is essentially an update to Championship Manager 4 that was released in March, all the updated player, team, league and competition stats from the current football season as well and some improvements in the game.

The biggest change from CM4 is the new training screen; everything you need has been placed on one screen and is available from a series of drop down menus making it much easier to create an effective training schedule for your team. Effects of your training are also clearly visible from the player profile screen to help you plan your next training schedule and improve weak areas of your team.

Remember the 2D match engine that caused so much fuss? Well its still in the game although it’s obvious Sports Interactive have been tweaking it. The 2D match view now shows which players in your team are playing well and who is not playing so well. Misplaced passes, bad tackles and wasted shots are shown, giving you the opportunity to replace poor performing players with a fresh set of legs. This is a much needed improvement over the original version that first appeared in CM4 which usually led to the dots representing players merging into one big mush of colour.

As well as these improvements, the game also features a lot of minor improvements ranging from media interaction to player to player relationships (yes fining your players just for the fun of it now upsets the majority of your team). As always the game looks pretty similar to its predecessor although the menus look cleaner and seem a little easier to navigate and most screens are interlinked.

Overall Championship Manager Season 03/04 is pretty much the same game as CM4 and shouldn’t really have been released with a full price tag placed on it. However if you didn’t buy CM4 you may want to consider picking up this game as you’ll enjoy practically an unlimited amount of play from the game. The improvements do add some interesting options, although you can’t help thinking the simply make it the game Championship Manager 4 should have been.

Review Score: 7.4/10

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