Fallen Earth Blood Sports Review

On bloody ground.

Review by Darren Cartledge
Published 18th January 2011

Fallen Earth Blood Sports

  • Developer: Icarus Studios
  • Publisher: Ant Games
  • Release Date: 9th September 2009

I was quite into cyber-punk style games in my teenage years, but as I got older my gaming tastes matured and such games appealed to me less and less. So MMO Fallen Earth Blood Sports is a game that I would usually simply overlook, especially when you consider I don't really have the time to commit to MMOs. So what can Fallen Earth Blood Sports offer someone like me?

Set in 2156 around the Grand Canyon the world of Fallen Earth is a bleak place in which nuclear war and the deadly Shiva virus have taken their toll on humanity. Mutants and gangs of bandits run amok in this desolate land. You take up the role of a clone, originally designed to be merely harvested for organs, you are near immortal as every time you die you are simply re-cloned with all your memories intact. However, thanks to DNA degradation you are in trouble and set out in the post-apocalyptic world to hammer out a future.

I tested the boxed retail version of Fallen Earth Blood Sports, this of course comes with the Blood Sports content patch which introduces Player v. Player arenas, mutated mounts, lots of new missions, the ability to take your clan into war and an all new and expansive area called Deadfall into the Fall Earth world.

Fallen Earth Blood Sports is unlike any other MMO I’ve played featuring a classless experience system which is based on skill points or “Advance Points” as the game calls them. You simply choose the look of the character and then decide what you would like to do, craft, trade or take part in combat. However, this has no bearing on how you play the game and only dictates in what location you start. After this you are free to go about your business how you wish, collecting items, bashing bugs, bad guys and other nasties. As you play, you earn skill points which can be spent on things such as rifle and melee proficiency, dexterity, intelligence, perception and so on. Of course this is no different to any other MMO but as the experience model is classless, it does allowing you to tailor your character more to your playing style. I concentrated my efforts on creating a brawler, and the games “Advancement Points” allowed me to do this with ease. In many ways Fallen Earth is much more accessible then other MMOs thanks to its action orientated gameplay, but despite this the development team have failed to build on this accessibility by not giveing descriptions of the various attribute and ability fields. This can make your characters path a little confused, I initially started developing all my character abilities and attributes before noticing there were some predefined templates available to help focus your gained experience in the necessary areas.

Of course to the more hardened MMO traditionalist, this classless system won’t sound very appealing. But to me, a casual MMO gamer it works and allowed me to tailor my experience of Fallen Earth Blood Sports to a more action orientated style. Fallen Earth Blood Sports allows you so much freedom to how you play that it’s easy to forget that you are actually playing an MMO which sadly can distract from the social aspect of Fallen Earth.

Further adding to the accessibility of Fallen Earth, is how early it grants you access to mounts and vehicles, almost as soon as you start playing you get your own mount to travel the vast game world which becomes invaluable as you are required to travel further and further. However, they also serve as a useful means of escaping potentially fatal situations.

What ever way you decide to approach Fallen Earth crafting plays a major role in this MMO, with over 90% and all the best gear being obtained by this means and unlike in most MMO’s recipes and items are made in real-time and it’s nice to know when exactly you’ll have the item you’ve been working for. As you would expect this large focus on crafting requires you to do a lot of collecting, harvesting and scavenging and this is where one of the most annoying parts of the game comes, its poor inventory system. The game lacks any useful options for managing your pack and items and simple tasks for sorting seem to have been completely omitted. The amount you can carry is also a little limited not a major problem, but when you take into consideration the amount of items you pick up during play, then having to decide what to keep and what to discard can unnecessarily take your focus away from actual gameplay.

Despite overall being quite enjoyable, Fallen Earth Blood Sports does have its weakness, it’s more difficult then necessary to find NPC’s and locations which can get a little tedious. The game also suffers due to sparse sever populations which can make it difficult to locate players to undertake group quests with. This also resulted in me not being able to test out the games PvP action despite joining several queues to do so. It's also not the best looking MMO available as textures are a little crude. It does have its moments though, lighting effects for instance but it lacks intricates details that makes other games standout.

Fallen Earth Blood Sports takes a different approach to different MMO’s and whilst not everything it does will appeal to core MMO gamers it is more accessible then most almost adjusting to your playing style resulting in an overall engrossing experience and one that doesn’t really require the same time commitments as other MMOs.

Review Score: 7.5/10

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