Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Review

Shhh... Be silent there's a hitman about

Review by Tracy Bosworth
Published 11th October 2002

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

  • Developer: IO Interactive
  • Publisher: Eidos
  • Release Date: 4th October 2002

He tried to give up his violent lifestyle as a hired gun and opted for the quite life, residing in a Sicilian church taking care of the gardens and church grounds, but when his friend, the priest is kidnapped '47' has no choice but to call the agency and return to his former career of a cold, ruthless hitman.

Starting in Sicily, the game takes you to 6 worldwide locations including India, Japan and Malaysia and offers over 20 missions that will be briefed to you from the agency over your laptop. There are numerous ways to complete the missions and there is a mid game save option that allows you to avoid the repetition of being killed and starting the mission again from the beginning.

Naturally been a hitman involves an element of stealth and Hitman 2 gives you all the options to accomplish this. Once you have killed a man, you are given the option to drag the body to a 'safe' place and take the mans clothes whether this be a delivery man, who's outfit will help you to get passed guards or a soldier whose uniform helps you to blend in with the characters around you. Be aware though, it's not as simple as it sounds, the games AI adds a realistic element to the gameplay, if you leave clues lying around or act suspiciously the guards will react accordingly and your cover may be blown.

Fortunately, the large amount of weaponry available to you means that if your disguise is blown you can blast your way through missions, killing anyone who stands in your path. Your arms skill is usually enough to take on one or two guards but once the 'area' is aware of your presence, expect to be shooting right, left and centre as the guards come in numbers to eliminate the assassin.

Another aspect of stealth is in the way you are able to move. The game offers the choice of sneaking up behind people in order to attack from behind this is useful if you need to take someone quietly with minimum attention and noise. You are also able to peek around corners and crouch down and shuffle. Running will create a lot of noise and attract the guards so the stealth options are invaluable.

Graphically Hitman 2 is stunning, character movement flows easily and a lot of effort has been put into the games weather and lighting effects although there does seem to be some issues with its stability.

All in all, if your looking for cold blooded realism and something a little different, you will find Hitman 2 appealing although most missions can be completed fairly quickly and at times do become repetitive. The overall game could be completed in a short space of time that doesn't do much for its replay value.

Review Score: 8.4/10

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