Kreed Review

Take up the role of an elite solider in the far off future, and enter the strange Kreed anomaly.

Review by Darren Cartledge
Published 30th August 2004


  • Developer: Burut CT
  • Publisher: Acclaim
  • Release Date: 25th June 2004

When a game doesn’t run straight out of the box you just know it’s not a good sign of things to come and unfortunately for Acclaim this is exactly the case with their latest PC first person shooter Kreed.

The story behind Kreed, is set at the end of the third millennium, you take up the role of a Legion, an elite solider in one of the many factions the human race has split into. You ‘re sent on a mission to investigate the disappearance of one the legions most decorated officers who has fled to Kreed a strange space anomaly that is expanding throughout the solar system consuming planets and any ship that crosses its path. Many ships have entered Kreed and never returned, no one knows what happens to them but now you’re on your way to find out.

Gameplay wise Kreed could be just about any first person shooter that has been released in the last ten years. The game is extremely generic; it’s a simple case of going from the start to finish killing everything that crosses your path, picking up new weapons, flipping the odd switch and finding codes and pass cards for locked doors.

It wouldn’t be harsh to say that the gameplay in Kreed is behind the times, the game has no innovation and it seems as if the developers haven’t even tried to think up any new ideas for the game and instead just bungled the standard components together that feature in every first person shooter.

Levels in the game are quite large but a lot of the areas in them aren’t necessary, you’ll often find yourself heading down a corridor that leads nowhere or running through a series of air vents that lead out into rooms that quite literally have no way out except for the vent you crawled in through.

This poor level design isn’t the only problem with Kreed, objectives aren’t always clear and it is quite easy to lose track of where and what you are suppose to be doing on your current mission and despite the fact your character has a diary it fills up with completely useless information and uses a almost unreadable font for the text which makes you not want to bother looking at it anyway.

Enemy AI is one of the games stronger points, although at first you could be fooled into thinking it’s a little mindless. The first enemies you encounter are a scavenger alien race and while they attack aggressively they walk towards you with no thought for their own well being. In the games later levels you come up against tougher enemies that will use the game environment for protection but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Although Kreed isn’t the worst looking game to grace PC screens it is by far not the best, environments are pretty much the same, utilising a lot of blue tinted grey surfaces with the must have crates that seem to feature in almost every game. That said levels do feature some nice touches, monitors flicker with scrolling matrix style text and some of the game rooms also feature some nice lighting effects. Character animation is a little stiff but otherwise passable, characters themselves look a little dated and are what you would expect from a game released a few years back.

By far the worst feature of Kreed is the voice acting; it’s not bad it’s absolutely unbearable. Voices sound as if they have been passed through some kind of voice changer and digitised. On top of that speech stops and starts mid sentence making all the characters sound as if they all have serious speech impediments, oh wait a minute in Kreed they do. On the up side to the games sound weapon effects are ok and to be honest aren’t all that bad.

Overall Kreed may be not the worst game ever released it’s just extremely generic and old feeling. The game offers absolutely nothing new and plays like something that’s been dragged up from the 90’s. At its best Kreed play pretty well but sadly its faults far out weigh its positives and it becomes extremely hard to recommend the game especially as it’s released as a full priced title.

Review Score: 5.8/10

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