Lego Drome Racers Review

Build and race your way to success in this brick filled Lego theme racing game.

Review by Tracy Bosworth
Published 12th December 2002

Lego Drome Racers

  • Developer: Attention to Detail
  • Publisher: EA
  • Release Date: 6th December 2002

When we say Lego it probably makes you think of little building sets that cause great agony when stood on right? Well, Lego Drome Racers is based on the 2002 Lego Racers toy range only now they have been transformed into powerful and high-tech computerised auto mobiles that enable them to take the leap from the children's bedroom floor to your PC screen in the form of the fast paced furious Drome Championship.

The single player career mode follows the story of Max Axel, team driver for Team Nitro. The year is 2015 and after intense training, Max believes he is finally capable of winning the Drome Championship.

The game features 3 modes of play, arcade mode allows you to play the game quickly and without the story line, Time trial that allows players to challenge their best time and of course career mode where players follow the story of Max Axel in a racing league.

As you start the game in career mode you are taken to garage where you are greeted by a woman named Shicane who shows you the cars on offer and handles your upgrades. Featuring car customisation, you are able to tune your vehicle in areas such as the engine, tyres and aerodynamics to suit the terrain and your driving style.

The cars are fairly difficult to control as they don't seem to drive on the actual ground, instead it feels as though they hover making accurate directional turns almost impossible. The tracks themselves are, well just tracks, there is nothing new or exiting about them however they are nicely detailed and long enough to provide a good race with destinations such as the city, mountain and canyon and either on or off road terrain's the game offers a decent variation in playing style.

Obviously the game isn't just a racing game, Drome Racers is an anything goes kind of game where mines, missiles and shields are the norm. Throughout the races you will collect power-ups in the form of weapons and shields that you can use to disadvantage your challengers. Remember to keep your eye out for anyone testing these on you though!

The cars within the game are up-gradeable when players win credits for winning races these credits can be applied to different aspects of the car ultimately improving its performance.

Drome Racers features good graphics that allow the game to run smoothly. Everything from the cars to the environments are clean and sharp and we noticed no graphical breaks whilst playing. The sound effects within the game fit together nicely setting the scene for futuristic, fast paced driving and mayhem.

All in all Drome Racers would have been better suited to the gaming world around 6 or 7 years ago where this game would have really provided something new. The fact that this style of game has been done so many times unfortunately takes a little credit off what is essentially a good game. Although suited for a younger audience Drome Racers provides all of the fun and arcade style racing that it needs to be spotted out from the crowd. Overall, a good game with a style of play that is slightly outdated although developed well enough to still shine.

Review Score: 6.8/10

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