Transport Giant: Down Under Review

We head to the land of Oz to transport some goods.

Review by Tracy Bosworth
Published 7th February 2005

Transport Giant: Down Under

  • Developer: JoWooD
  • Publisher: JoWooD
  • Release Date: 11th February 2005

Last year we got to experience a game that put the mechanics of the transport industry in our hands, spanning across 200 years of evolution we found that this very fragment of technology which drives our day to day lives had been through so many changes from the humble horse and cart to the aeroplanes and super speed trains of the 20th century and what made it even better was the fact that we got to control it all!

Transport Giant allowed players to get to the core of this massive industry laying roads, setting up collection and delivery schedules linking businesses to together, providing towns with the essentials they needed such as food and clothes and providing transport for people wishing to travel from town to town. Specific goals were given in the scenario modes too which provided players with a set challenge such as making sure each fort in America’s wild west were delivered enough wooden boards in a specific time period with a set amount of money.

Initially we were only let lose on 2 maps, USA and Europe but now, Transport Giant: Down Under has unleashed the beautiful continent of Australia for us to play around with complete with all the scenery, roaming animals and vehicles that one would expect to find there, all that seems to be missing are the BBQ’s but even those are probably hidden in there somewhere!

As with the other continents the Australian addition takes place over a period of 200 years and includes more than 15 Aussie maps along with 12 new scenario missions based on the historical past of the country itself as well as the option of open ended gameplay allowing players to really leave their mark down under.

As well as from seeing the odd kangaroo hoping around the map the add-on pack does a great job of re-creating the Australian setting with large areas of outback space, exotic animal farms (crocodile anyone?) and typical Aussie production lines such as Kiwi fruit and opal mines. Authentic Australian vehicles make a grand entrance in the game too with the likes of road-trains and the X-Trapolis.

Again the Australian aspect of the game has been treated to the same level of detail and high graphical standard that we saw from USA and Europe in the original game, all buildings and transportation features a good level of Aussie character with the various wildlife such as kangaroo’s roaming the map and the large areas of desert and outback make the place feel even more authentic.

All in all, if you want to expand a game like Transport Giant, what better way to do it then to add another country to the mix and not just any country but the beautiful landscape of Australia? If you’re looking for major changes in the actual gameplay then save your money but if you just want to expand your Transport Giant world and lay your tracks down under amongst the Crocs and Kangaroo’s then Transport Giant: Down Under gives you all you need to do it.

Review Score: 6.6/10

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